This has been a long busy year & the number of calls for cats needing TNR – trap, neuter/sterilise & return hasn’t stopped. Yet we are glad as this shows a better understanding of why the ladies sit for hours trapping & that people do care about the community cats

This is besides arranging with people for their cats to come in to be sterilised …yes we fetch and return as people do not have the means No cat carrier No transport

We were approved by SARS and now have a PBO so that means we are a public beneficiary organization. People often require this number when claiming a donation for tax

Then the biggest effort went into our waiting room and surgery. Just look at the pictures

Burglar bars

Lovely pics and décor

We fitted a cubical for Dr as required by veterinary council

Cages placed

New automated garage door …wonderful as we can drive in if we have an escaped cat. The room is totally secure which makes it easier to find the cat and place back into its carrier
Kitchen which makes life so easy when we hungry

Desk and chair as we must do the paperwork

New entrance door and security gate with motives covering the window to give charm