About Us

The Feral Cat Project was founded in 2012 by Brenda Kerr. Since 2012, approximately 21 000 cats have been sterilised. Brenda was introduced to the ‘world of rescue’ in 2004 at a cat show. Soon after, she was asked to trap a mommy and kittens at a school nearby. They were fed for 13 years.

A team grew as more cats needed assistance. To trap cats, there needs to be a feeding program in place first. The main focus of the Feral Cat Project is Trap−Neuter−Return (TNR).

Initially, Brenda took cats to a welfare vet for sterilisation. As the numbers grew, the group started a Thursday clinic in 2012.

The Feral Cat Project runs a sterilisation clinic every Thursday. Our amazing team consists of Dr Tracy Dicks, two nurses, and two assistants. The clinic in based in Sunnydale, Cape Town. We sterilise around 60−80 cats every Thursday.

The project relies on donations from the public.

Aside from TNR, the project also:

– Runs a feeding program. Cat colonies across the Cape Town area receive assistance from the project. It is pointless sterilising a cat only to let it starve to death. Food is provided, as well as assistance when feral cats shows signs of illness.

– Educates people on the importance of sterilisation. It only takes one friendly female cats to have kittens which are never socialized to start the line of semi-feral to feral.

– Sterilises cats whose carers cannot afford the cost of private vets. This is done on a needs-assessment basis. We ask for a minimum donation to help covers some of the costs.

– Fosters kittens. We often find moms with kittens. If the kittens are young enough to be socialised, they are placed in foster care so they can be tamed and homed.