Our surgery

In August 2021, we moved into our own space in Sunnydale. We have been planning this move for many years. Fundraising for the new space started when the vision was formed.

The previous space was limited shared space, while our new space is exclusively for our own use. The new surgery is located close to the previous space, which is easily accessible to staff and volunteers. Renovations to the surgery space are complete. Many changes were required to make the surgery compliant with the South African Veterinary Council.

We have made the space our own by painting the walls green and by putting up shelves, blinds, and mesh on the windows. The waiting room is still a work in progress. The floors need to be painted, cages need to be built for sick cats, and we need to replace the lighting. Walls painted, front entrance renovated, ceiling put in place.

Thank you to our donors for making this dream a reality!